Posted by: asmitty | February 10, 2013

How Does Integration Fit Into APM?

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) as described by Gartner consists of five dimensions. For simplicities sake, the primary method is tops down monitoring using end user experience monitoring. This is supported by what IT tells us via deep-dive component monitoring. I’m simplifying things here, work with me.

If you have ever called your bank and been fortunate enough to reach an agent these next words will be too familiar, “hold please while the system locates your record”. What does that even mean? Is the agent using some archaic PC? No, the application is the speedbump. In particularly, it is YOUR transaction that is exposing the performance degradation of the app. Over time, more apps are deployed that require integration to support business processes. Because many of these integrations were custom coded, the performance is negatively impacted. People learn to just deal with it.

During a recent interview a hypothetical question came up as to where iPaaS fits (or even if it belongs) in APM? I didn’t have a clear answer but my gut told me that it does. If your business process relies on data transacting more than one application then you should monitor the ETL process. If your ETL is inclusive of data cleansing, even more reason to be sure things are working as expected.

Recent data tells us that more often, the applications the business relies on are SaaS delivered enterprise applications like CRM and ERP. iPaaS targets those types of deployment scenarios, and is being deployed more commonly. So how should we monitor the integration processing?

Integration middleware like Boomi provides a management console for monitoring the execution of integration processes and troubleshooting process errors. API’s are available to forward events for correlation. More traditional EAI platforms like Tibco provide management consoles. How does integration monitoring fit in your APM strategy?



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