Posted by: asmitty | May 8, 2009

Q & A: Martin Tantow, co-founder, 3scale Networks

martin_tantowI had a chance to connect with Martin Tantow recently. He is a co-founder of 3scale Networks; a provider of API infrastructure. You can read more about Martin and his company here.

You’ve had a busy quarter, can you tell me about any specific highlights?

Yes, we definitely had a busy quarter. Our major highlight was certainly getting out of beta and launching our new white label solution CONNECT together with a new website design. Our new solution now enables a quick, scalable and cost-effective plug & play solution for Internet companies to manage their API. We have now 22 customers live – showing good traction in the last couple of months. We have also developed a plugin for Google AppEngine which allows developers to integrate and enable our solution very easily – we’ll demonstrate this for the first time at the Google I/O developer conference end of May in San Francisco.

What differentiates 3scalesolutions from other API infrastructure companies?

3scale provides a unique, plugin based architecture. Whereas some of our competitors focus on proxy based solutions, our architecture is much lighter weight and can be implemented more quickly. We also benefit from less bandwidth costs (which allow us a lower price point) and many customers prefer our model for security reasons. Our new product, CONNECT, also provides a full self-serve model which does not require any interaction from the 3scale team – although we are happy to help, of course if necessary.

With so much application development now being done in Eastern Europe and Asian companies, do you feel you have a strong growth position?

Eastern Europe and Asia are very interesting markets for us. However the US and Europe are our key targets for the moment due to resource limitations; however expect more on that in 2010.


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