Posted by: asmitty | April 7, 2009

Web Services API management and Integrations

Since my last post I’ve been fortunate to have a few minutes of time with the CEO of Sonoa Systems, Chet Kapoor. In the interest of full disclosure, my employer is a client of Sonoa for web services monitoring and reporting. Chet recalled that  I have recently made comments suggesting that web services infrastructure and integration companies come together to provide a solution for SaaS companies.

Chet’s background is in the integration business, a fact he reminded me of as we walked through the technical details for application integration. We agreed that integrations are not an easy thing to do; having an API does not make it easy. One reason is that some companies make it very difficult to develop on (compare the API for Google with SAP BAPI). Integration companies focus on building a catalog of adapters to make it seem easy to integrate, but do not provide monitoring of web service usage or throttling of integration. None provide the detail of reporting the web service infrastructure companies do.

We agreed that it would be a very good step to remove the barrier; the need to create adapters. This will not happen today, but it is a good idea. I recently contacted an integration company and the rate quoted to build an adapter was $30k, while the actual transformation and logic was closer to $1,000.  

All of the integrations that I provide in the coming year will be web API based – the partner that can address the monitoring/reporting as well as the transformation and logic will be my strategic partner.


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