Posted by: asmitty | April 2, 2009

Dog Food


Today I received an interesting tweet about API-First design. Kas makes the case that API’s should not be created after the fact, but should be written before the software is. I like this. Why?

If you are responsible for API’s, it is pretty painful to request features (like throttling) that should have been included, after the fact. Even more problematic is describing the API when that work is done and the developer moves on to the next project. If it isn’t used regularly, the nuances can be forgotten.

It seems the folks over at agree, in a recent blog they commit to “build functionality into our API and consume it from our website.”  Clearly they expect a high portion of traffic will come from API consumers (partners). It’s great to see companies eating their own dog food again.


(photo courtesy of Chrissie Un)


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