Posted by: asmitty | March 26, 2009

Why SaaS Companies Need VAR’s

Once you’ve established which side of the equation you are on, it’s time to evaluate partners. You may think that you have the capabilities to do everything in house, but the truth is that you have enough to do managing your backlog of enhancements. If you have a large organization, perhaps you could build everything in house, but why? That’s so, web 1.0.

If you are a content provider, you have probably already documented your technical requirements like API Key issuance, usage limits & throttling, and reporting. From a business perspective, you would like to have a community with forums, on-line documentation, etc. Those things are good baseline requirements, but remember, what is your business goal? Are you providing an API for clients to develop on? Are you prepared to manage a developer program? If your goal is to integrate your SaaS to existing (legacy) applications or other SaaS applications in the cloud, you still have more work to do.

If you are a systems integrator or API management vendor, what solutions are you providing your client? What are the gaps?

If a content provider wants to integrate with the top 3 CRM providers in the mid-market:, MS Dynamics CRM, and RightNow. Can you provide connectors for those endpoints as well as build a connector for my application? Can we put it in the cloud and monitor the amount of  data throughput of the integration? Maybe I want to provide tiered pricing to my clients based on anticipated volume, or SLO’s. And I want to bill the integration as a subscription, consistent with my business model.

Can you do that for me?


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